Elizabeth McKay McLea (1871-1872)

John McLea (1790-c.1833)Peter McLea (c.1828-1888)John McLea (c.1852-1927)
Janet McKay (1795-1870)Janet Brown (1831-1916)Jessie McLea (1854-1933)
?James Brown (c.1797-?)Margaret McLea (1855-1940)
?Janet Bush (c.1801-?)James Brown McLea (1859-1926)
Peter McLea (1862-1939)
Isabella McLea (1868-1948)

Elizabeth died as an infant, just shy of 9 months of age. Her middle name was the maiden name of her paternal grandmother, Janet (McKay) McLea and her full given name is the name of that Janet's mother, ?Elisabeth McKay.