Any sites from other family out there? Yes!

My personal website is found right here on this website.

Kyle and Holly MacLea:

There's quite a selection of Nardozzi family links as well.

Diane Nardozzi's photostream at Flickr:

Nardozzi family blogs:

Diane's Myspace page:

Nardozzi family webpage:

Clan MacLea

You can also learn about the Clan MacLea at, the home of the Highland McLea or Livingstone Clan. There is a forum there with some great discussion on family history and genealogy, as well as other topics of interest to the family. The forum is at

You can even read the Clan MacLea wikipedia article!

Livingstone and MacLea Emigration Registry

A website I have begun in order to help connect the various MacLea and Livingstone families who emigrated from Scotland over the past few hundred years.


I'll add more links as I find out about them!