Are We Related?

Well, of course, until I know who you are, I have no idea!

But, we might be!

I invite you to get in touch by dropping me an email at ksm6 at cornell dot edu (where the at and dot are really @ and . respectively!).

Another way of finding out whether you are related to my family, or to the many other McLeas, McLaes, McLays, Livingstones, etc. out there, is to visit the home of the Clan MacLea. You can ask questions on the Clan MacLea forum, introduce yourself, and perhaps find more family!

The other way of approaching things, if you are male with a MacLea-like surname, or if you have one within your family (e.g., a brother or father, etc.), is to pursue Y-chromosomal DNA testing. The article on Genetic Genealogy explains more about this and what it may tell you about your "membership" in the greater worldwide McLea family!

But if you drop me an email, I can help you with all of these questions. And maybe, together, we can figure out how we relate! So, please, get in touch in today!