The Descendants and Ancestors of James Brown MacLea: The Book

Well, being the writing type, I've always wanted to publish a book. Though in a manner of speaking, I suppose I already have. But I don't really think my Ph.D. thesis should count... (Trust me, you wouldn't be interested!)

So, what about this family history? Will it ever be published as a book?

Well, the answer to that is... hopefully.

I'd really like to transform this into a book someday, and send it out to all the distant family members I know of, and make it as complete as possible. I have three problems with this right now, though.

  1. I don't have the time I'd like to devote to that.

  2. I don't have all the information I'd like to be a part of even a first edition of such a work, and I don't want to publish a book that doesn't contain at least a minimal level of information. I've gotten a lot of vital stats, but not even close to the amount of information necessary to really flesh out the family. Eventually, I'll have enough for a "first edition"--but right now I don't feel so good about what I have!

  3. I don't know all the family members that would want a copy!

So, if you want me to consider doing a book at some point, I have a few requests.

  • Contribute information to me about your branch of the family, especially if you see my information in the Wiki is incomplete, non-existent, or incorrect.

  • Send me an email with your contact information.

  • Send me some encouragement to do so!

  • Let me know if there is some other way you could help with the undertaking.

I definitely am interested in putting together a History for us all to enjoy. But at my current pace, it might be a decade or three.

Still, I hope you enjoy the Wiki in the mean time! And let me know about ways to improve it, for the benefit of the whole family...



On 11 Dec 2006, I published a small run (12 copies) of the abbreviated version 0.4 of this website. It was titled A Brief History of the Ancestors and Descendants of James Brown MacLea (1859-1926). It included most of the pages from the website as well as several enlarged pictures, and copies of some of the original documents (John McLea's birth and marriage certificate, James Brown McLea's birth, second marriage, and death certificate, etc.). This was a limited run to allow a few family members to access the text without recourse to the Web. However, the original copy and the others have been bound and sent out, and no additional copies are planned.

My goal is to have a revised version of the text, with substantially greater information as well as better pictures and formatting, available by 2020. This is a long way off, obviously, and life circumstances may change this date. However, until such an edition comes out, I am unable to provide additional hard copy versions for family members (it is too great of an ordeal to put together).

I am happy, however, to provide computer copies of my files at any time. Just let me know!


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