Will you send me a family tree?

The family tree I have collected and assembled for the MacLea family (and all the collateral branches I had information on) is... immense.

I am happy to send out computer files to those with an interest, and I can do this in a number of useful formats. The most common file for this is called the GEDCOM, or GED for short. GEDCOM was developed by the Mormons for their immense family history efforts and is designed to be an easy way to transfer family trees between people.

I use the computer program Legacy Family Tree (Deluxe) 6.0. I recommend it and can also provide files in that format, as well as some other common formats. Let me know (ksm6 at cornell dot edu) if you'd like a copy of the family tree files and I'll send them out!

However, due to the size of the endeavor, I am unable at the present time to provide hard copies of the family tree. I do have a couple of relevant graphical images that might be of interest, though. This takes the form of an abbreviated family tree image of James Brown MacLea.

Here are the known/inferred ancestors of James Brown MacLea in Scotland, from the early 1700s through the late 1800s when James and his wife left Scotland:

Scotland Family Tree

This file is over three megabytes in size, so it will take some time to download.

This tree follows only the direct line to James from his ancestors, but in many cases I do have information about the collateral lines as well. You can also read my conjecture on the Ancient Origins of our McLea family on its own page.

And here is a similar family tree for the MacLeas in America:

America Family Tree

I have only included names for two generations from James and Margaret, so as to not affect personal privacy of living individuals.

Eventually, there will be a book, but not yet.