Bella McLea (1894-1894)

Peter McLea (c.1828-1888)James Brown McLea (1859-1926)Margaret McLea (1884-1918)
Janet Brown (1831-1916)Margaret Turner (c.1859-1897)Janet McLea (1885-1941)
Alex TurnerJames Brown McLea (1886-1961)
Margaret TurnerPeter Richard MacLea (1888-1948)
Mary McLea (1890-1955)
Alexander McLea (1893-1963)
?Isabel McLea (c.1896-c.1964)

Bella McLea died as a three-month old infant and was buried in Paterson, New Jersey, at Cedar Lawn Cemetery. She is buried with her mother (who died in 1897) in Section 13, Lot C, Grave 682.

Bella's sister, ?Isabella, born a couple of years after her birth and death, is named for her.