Peter Richard MacLea (1888-1948)

The 1948 date above is correct, but the article title needs correction.

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?Isabel McLea (c.1896-c.1964)

Peter was born in July 1888 in Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey. He died in July 1948 in Stoughton, Massachusetts. He is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Stoughton, in the same lot as his daughter, Doris, and wife, Caroline.

Peter Richard MacLea Peter worked as a machinist for much of his life. In 1917, he was a Rack-man for Hood Rubber Company in Watertown, Massachusetts. Later, after some deception involving making his surname look more Irish, he got a job working for the New Haven Railroad in Back Bay and Readville. The picture here is from his days at the railroad.

Peter raised English Setter dogs in kennels behind the house in Stoughton.