Kyle Scott MacLea (1975-)

Robert Gordon MacLea (1917-2000)Robert Douglas MacLea (1942-)Robert Gordon MacLea (1963-)Holly Beth Portland (1978-)none yet
Edna Myrtle Spurr (1920-2005)Lorraine Louise Clement (1950-)Todd Michael Silvia (1969-)
?Normand Arthur Brian Clement (1908-1977)Jennifer Lynn MacLea (1976-)
?Emma Thibodeau (1917-1999)

Kyle was born in Massachusetts and grew up in New Hampshire. He attended Cornell University and Dartmouth College.

Kyle and Holly MacLea Kyle currently lives, with his wife Holly, in Michigan. The MacLeas were married in Maine in 2005.

You can read more about Kyle and his family on and contact him at his old Cornell email: ksm6 -at- cornell -dot- edu.