Robert Douglas MacLea (1942-)

Peter Richard MacLea (1888-1948)Robert Gordon MacLea (1917-2000)Donald Bruce MacLea (1944-)?Audrey KershawRobert Gordon MacLea (1963-)
Caroline Alma MacCartney (1893-1987)Edna Myrtle Spurr (1920-2005)Lorraine Louise Clement (1950-)Todd Michael Silvia (1969-)
?William Cowie Spurr (1893-1960)Kyle Scott MacLea (1975-)
?Mabel Eva Black (1893-1965)Jennifer Lynn MacLea (1976-)

Robert (Bob) currently lives in Massachusetts. Bob graduated from Bentley College and works for TJX, Inc.

He first married ?Audrey Kershaw and had one child, Robert Gordon MacLea (1963-).

After their divorce, he married Lorraine ("Joan") Clement and had two children, Kyle Scott MacLea (1975-) and Jennifer Lynn MacLea (1976-). Bob also has a son from Lorraine's previous marriage, Todd Michael Silvia (1969-).

Patrick, son of Bob's son Rob and daughter-in-law Terese, is his first grandchild.

Robert Douglas MacLea Robert MacLea as a young man.

Lorraine and Robert MacLea Lorraine and Robert MacLea.