Doris M. Worthington (1914-1991), née MacLea, formerly Nardozzi

James Brown McLea (1859-1926)Peter Richard MacLea (1888-1948)Isabel MacLea (1911-1998)Michael Nardozzi (1911-2005)Peter Michael Nardozzi (1937-)
Margaret Turner (c.1859-1897)Caroline Alma MacCartney (1893-1987)Robert Gordon MacLea (1917-2000)?Jack WorthingtonDavid Wendell Nardozzi (1940-)
Mary Hughes (c.1862-1942)Janet McLea (1923-)Leah Meredith Nardozzi (1943-)
?David William MacCartney (1864-1938)James Brown McLea (1927-1984)
?Emily Jane Peircy (1863-1916)Richard Peter McLea (1931-2002)

Doris MacLea was born in 1914.

She married Michael Nardozzi with whom she had three children. She and Michael later divorced.

Doris remarried ?Jack Worthington.

Her ashes are buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Stoughton, Massachusetts, in the same lot as her parents, Peter and Caroline MacLea.