Richard Peter McLea (1931-2002)

James Brown McLea (1859-1926)Peter Richard MacLea (1888-1948)Isabel MacLea (1911-1998)Roberta  ?Richard Peter McLea Jr
Margaret Turner (c.1859-1897)Caroline Alma MacCartney (1893-1987)Doris MacLea (1914-1991)?Cindy McLea
Mary Hughes (c.1862-1942)Robert Gordon MacLea (1917-2000)
?David William MacCartney (1864-1938)Janet McLea (1923-)
?Emily Jane Peircy (1863-1916)James Brown McLea (1927-1984)

Ritchie was a quarterback for the Stoughton High School (Stoughton, Massachusetts) football team and at the time had the state high for most passing scores. He was known as "Mucka MacLea" and, the tale goes, was offered a full football scholarship to Dartmouth but turned it down.