Janet DiGangi (1923-), née McLea

James Brown McLea (1859-1926)Peter Richard MacLea (1888-1948)Isabel MacLea (1911-1998)?Adolph DiGangi?Mario Richard DiGangi
Margaret Turner (c.1859-1897)Caroline Alma MacCartney (1893-1987)Doris MacLea (1914-1991)?Ronald Bruce DiGangi
Mary Hughes (c.1862-1942)Robert Gordon MacLea (1917-2000)?Deborah DiGangi
?David William MacCartney (1864-1938)James Brown McLea (1927-1984)?Gina DiGangi
?Emily Jane Peircy (1863-1916)Richard Peter McLea (1931-2002)

Janet (spelled in some records Jeannette or similar), called Jeannie, was born in 1923.

Her husband, Adolph DiGangi, called Al, is said to have been a member of the 101st Airborne during World War II.